Rain brings some relief to my garden and offers a free car wash.

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Social Media for Small Business 101 and 102 this week. Register on http://www.ei.co.za. Space is limited.

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E-Bear gets front page picture

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Go Net Ready

Earlier this week we have Ryan from Go Net Ready n our offices doing a demo of the new initiative in web design from Go Net Ready. A brilliant concept of modular web site construction made easy by a well designed front end. Now even a complete novice can have a website in a matter of minutes. After our training session we got Ryan to pose with E-Bear.

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E-Bear gets chased from SBA meeting

Today at the first meeting of the Solutions Based Architecture group, E-Bear was asked to get back into this box. His ideas were felt to be too restrictive and not open and free enough to qualify him to stay. Sorry E-Bear, maybe with some coaching you will be allowed back next month.

In the mean time SBA has some work to do as we begin to tackle the issues of job creation and entrepreneurship in the greater Cape Town area. E-Bear was allowed out at the end for a quick photo shoot.

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E-Bear goes to Elgin

We were invited by Jo Kearney to speak at the Elgin Learning Foundation today, so we packed the car and drove out to the top of the mountains to the little villages of Elgin. What a super surprise to find a community so vibrant and active. I have a chance to address close to 60 young men and women who were on a series of programmes to assist in developing small businesses in the local areas. Despite the heat we had an awesome time. I did threaten the staff that I would kidnap the cook, who made some of the most amazing scones I have ever tasted. E-Bear joined in for the talk but was soon exhausted by the heat and had to nap in the car on the way home.

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Back at the Vineyard Hotel with E-Bear

This afternoon was a great time to spend time at the Vineyard hotel. After the light rain in the morning the gardens were looking fresh and green. We met up with Megan Miller to chat through some strategy for 2010 and catch up on the last few months. Megan was also there to do some training with the Vineyard staff. Good coffee was had in the the newly furnished lounge.

E-Bear had a close call when he was almost bear-napped by the lady at the next table who wanted him for her grand-daughter. As if E-Bear would tolerate some snotty baby drooling on him. Buy your own teddy lady, this one is ours.

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Sales Partners have coffee with E-Bear

We, E-Bear and myself had a chat with Lorna Powe from Sales Partners at Doppio Zero today.

Sales Partners offer services to increase sales in your business from between 30% and 85% in just 6-12 weeks. This all done through coaching and education of both business owner and sales staff. Very impressive. Both E-Bear and myself will be attending the free workshop on 28th January in Sea Point.

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Black vs Bear?

One of our last stps this week was with Nic Black from NB Media in Somerset West. Here is an interesting bit of information. Nic’s mother, Pam Black has written numerous books as well as running Celebration House and various wedding expos. A very busy family indeed. E-Bear was asking where he can get a pair of those cool glasses.

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Views from Camps Bay

Robyn Myers from Red Cherry accomodation operates from a home in Camps Bay. These were the views we had to endure whilst chatting about strategy and plans for the World cup accommodation challenges. Another rough day at the office for E-Bear.

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Bottle Craft gets Bear

We were lucky enough to get one of the sought after bottle craft kits from Jo Kearney this week. Jo has a vision to reach unemployed people across southern Africa and assist in developing them into entrepreneurs through his various training programmes and the Bottle Craft kits. E-Bear joined us at 99 on beach in the Strand for a chat and catchup. Maybe we can build E-Bear a bottle and call him bottle bear?

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Excercise for E-Bear

We met up with robin Buck from Fitness Boot Camp, this time not to exercise, although E-Bear was doing some bridging whilst we enjoyed our coffee. Robin was able to chat about some of his plans and strategies for 2010 detailing some huge goals for both growth and finances. We look forward to seeing him achieve and exceeds this by year end.

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E-Bear goes Logistic

A new joint venture between Entrepreneur Incubator and Laser Logistics will offer entrepreneurs a chance to gain coaching and access to much needed logistic expertise and services. E-Bear joined Nic Roselee and myself at the Vineyard Hotel patio to iron out the finer details of the agreement.

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E-Bear with Irene

Irene Stephenson from IWebWork in Fish Hoek  specializes in web development for the Lodge and B& B market. Her skills include photography so she is also able to take those spectacular shots of the locations to give them that added differentiation on the web. E-Bear joined us for coffee at the Loft coffee shop in the AP Jones shop.

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E-Bear at World Record Attempt

Robin Buck from Fitness boot camp ran one of 50 different groups as part of a Workout Worldwide record attempt this weekend. E-Bear looked on to make sure all exercises were done according to spec and to help check on blood pressures together with the beneficiary The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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